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Date: 2015-06-15 09:25 pm (UTC)
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So Torah says that "you" should protect widows, orphans and strangers, but has little to say about how you should behave if you yourself are in one of those subaltern groups.

I have not read the Torah (I have never come across one. I would to be educated but yeah. I don't trust online sources these days in this sort of thing) but I think this statement is very true of many religious texts and movements in life. They are formed to tell people at the top how to change while offering little to those beneath. For example, today there is a lot of 'cis people do bad GRRR' and lots of 'look at this famous trans person!' with less on the 'you need help, here is a list of information to get you shelter, a job or an education course or just, safety from your friends/family' for trans people themselves. It is a pattern that repeats across history. The top are told to change while the bottom flounder.

On the 'modesty/humility' thing...I think that is something that is easily hijacked. They are both terms that can interchange and more importantly I think they are both terms that do not have to relate to clothing in the slightest. A person can spend hundreds on their hair and make up and outfit for the day and then spend 16 hours in a soup kitchen or a charity shop or pounding the streets for an appeal. I do not think any religious group can read those terms in their texts and for certain say 'well it means that'.

Of course, we also have to understand that all these texts have faced several translations and may well no longer say what they would have and need to adapt to that. It sure is an interesting one.

Overall, very interesting post.

ps: I personally think that if a religious person has so much energy to spend on me, an atheist, and my outfit they are doing their religion wrong. I'm already going to hell for not believing in 90% of texts so why not go feed and cloth those that need it, as all the texts intend.
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