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Hello! I haven't fallen off the planet, just a lot going on. Some new things that have happened lately:
  • I didn't have any time in Amsterdam, because our planned overnight trip back Sunday night got turned into a day sailing. But I did manage to get to the excellent Micropia museum, which is well worth seeing when you've done the more obvious tourist attractions.

  • I had an STD scare. Did a routine screen, got told to make a non-urgent appointment to discuss the results. Which turned out to be because my particular GP surgery has no means of communicating between "phonecall to the receptionist" and "appointment with medical professional". So they found an anomaly with basically no health implications, and since the test was just before Christmas, I had to stew for three weeks just knowing that "something" was wrong but not what. The practice nurse was mostly helpful, and very emphatic that an overgrowth of commensal bacteria can't be transmitted and isn't really dangerous. But at the same time I couldn't get her to acknowledge that I have several partners of both obvious genders, rather than one male partner. And I'm generally a bit annoyed that they couldn't send me a letter rather than wasting my time and the NHS's resources, not to mention causing me and my partners what turned out to be completely unnecessary worry.

  • I met [ profile] ghoti's sister and her family. I was a bit nervous about it but in fact this set of not-inlaws were generally helpful and took my girlfriend bringing a different partner from usual completely in their stride.

  • On the way back we had dinner at Ed's Diner who served me a malt, a type of drink I hadn't tried before.

  • I applied for a job at Cambridge that's on the edge of being HR, basically providing development support for post-docs. I got shortlisted and had an interview but didn't get it in the end. It was very different from my previous experience of job hunting, because the people who interviewed me didn't exactly know what they were looking for, and I didn't know whether I was really qualified for the job. But I think this is going to be the future if I step off the obvious escalator of mainstream academic jobs, so it was good experience, though yes, I am disappointed.

  • Between travelling for the conference and for the job interview, I had two Mondays in Cambridge. And on one of them, [ profile] ghoti and her younger two helped me learn how to make cookies.
And soon I will have another new experience, namely celebrating a proper wedding anniversary, since leap day is coming round soon. I am very much looking forward to being romantic with [personal profile] jack and to celebrating that we've actually been married for an unbelievable four years.
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