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Date: 2017-01-06 08:31 pm (UTC)
seekingferret: Word balloon says "So I said to the guy: you never read the book yet you go online and talk about it as if--" (Default)
I mean, for me, the December Dilemma, such as it is, is aggravated by the War On Christmas nonsense. I got a nasty, aggressively Christian Christmas card from one of our suppliers at work, talking about how the real meaning of Christmas involves the Nativity and we shouldn't erase that. It'd be nice if I could have as much equanimity about it as you, or for that matter as my father. It'd be nice if I could just respond to such a thing by saying "I recognize that this holiday has religious significance for you and is important to you, and I am happy that you are celebrating it," but once they get my proselytizing hackles up, it's not that easy.

And it's not like the liberal goyim are making it better: There was a whole, incredibly uncomfortable conversation on Facebook among some of my friends about how they- atheist non-Jews all- wanted to start wishing each other a Happy Chanukah as a protest against the aggressive religious Christians pushing Christmas. And it's like, I don't really care or find the act offensive on its own, but it does assert a claim to a holiday that they find meaningless and I find important, and it's bothersome to me that they care so little about it that they can play games with it like that.

So, since Christmas has been weaponized against me, I feel anxious about the intrusion of Christmas.

Of course, Chanukah is a minor but significant Jewish holiday for me, which I observe with Hallel and Al Hanisim as well as by lighting the chanukiah, so it's a thing that has substance of its own even though it doesn't dominate my life for the week the way the Shalosh Regalim or Yamim Noraim do.
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