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Date: 2017-01-27 06:29 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] liv
I think it's possible you might dislike it just because sometimes a book that changes and updates something you loved can be off-putting just because of the changes.

I take your point about the cure in the original books. I don't have a problem with it being unrealistic, I noted in my post that there are some kinds of back injury that work like that, and I agree that her recovery is set up all through the book. I need to reread it, but my memory is not exactly that her becoming good directly causes her recovery, but there is a kind of moral connection going on there which I find a bit distasteful.

My problem with that plot arc is that it's tropey. Like, Victorian (and too often twentieth century) stories about disability are always either, what a terrible tragedy it is that this poor person has this terrible injury, or about a sudden dramatic recovery, which may not be a literal miracle but is definitely a wonder. There are very few stories about the thing that happens to the great majority of people who become disabled: the character learning to adapt to their disability and having a happy life as a disabled person. Now, it's possible that Wilson should have written a completely independent story rather than a fix for WKD, but I am really glad to have any story where a disabled person gets a happy ending while staying disabled.

The boyfriend thing I'm not sure about. I think it is more common now for tweens to be thinking about boyfriends and dating than it was when we were that age, but I also think a lot of YA books really over-emphasise the romantic relationships between kids who are too young for that to be the dominant theme in their lives. I did like Katy and Ryan, I thought it was handled sensitively, but I could easily have hated it, especially since the original Katy obviously doesn't go around having boyfriends.
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