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I'm getting really behind the wave on this, aren't I? Still, there's more than one person still working through the list! Today is One of your favourite 70's songs. I'm not very good at knowing which songs come from which decade, and most of the music on my computer has really inaccurate metadata. But one song which I know is from the 70s, and which is definitely one of my favourites, is Go to Hell by Alice Cooper. I'm not sure if it's actually my favourite 70s song, but I really ought to have something by Alice Cooper in the meme.

I'm really very fond of Alice Cooper goes to Hell; it was my first encounter with the idea of a concept album. I especially love this opening track because it's a bit of (darkly) humorous intro, with the bathos of ridiculously specific examples of depravity:
You'd gift-wrap a leper and mail him to your aunt Jane
You'd even force feed a diabetic a candy cane

I often tell the story of how when I went to university I gained a certain amount of respect among the alternative crowd by explaining that Alice Cooper was in fact a ouijia board chosen stage name for a definitely male singer. Despite not looking like the sort of person who would know rock music trivia. But I love Alice Cooper for being so gloriously terrible, and occasionally coming out with works of sheer genius like Poison (not from the 70s) in among all the McGonagall stuff.

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I can never remember exactly which rock acts Bill Bailey was taking the piss out of in his story about the gig at Milton Keynes, but for me it is forever Satan's Layby (guitar riff). For some reason when I try to remember it, Alice Cooper comes to mind more readily than Marilyn Manson...

Speaking of 70s concept albums, War of the Worlds has been a persistent earworm lately, and just the other day I was introducing Nico to the delights of the Rocky Horror Show and Meat Loaf.

Re Milton Keynes, IMDB says

Bill Bailey: I went to see Metallica - yeah, 'tallica! - and I went to see them at Milton Keynes Bowl. They were being supported by Marilyn Manson - I love Marilyn, Brian? I love Brian, he's great. But anyway what he used to do to get the crowd going was just chant the name of the place over and over. So we were treated to this magnificent spectacle of this eight-foot freak, eyes different colours, wearing a rubber corset, down on one knee shouting "MILTON KEEEEYNES". Stay with me to the grave, that will.

Bill Bailey: [plays guitar] Milton Keynes! Satan's layby!


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