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Date: 2017-07-25 06:01 pm (UTC)
pseudomonas: (libdem)
From: [personal profile] pseudomonas
I didn't think the Lib Dems would end up with a leadership election, nor that they would select Vince Cable who had been ruled out several years before on the grounds of being too old. Much less that they would get on the Brexit, anti-foreigner bandwagon.

I'm going (with my Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate hat on) to object to this.

Yes, Vince Cable did write an article, while he was not an MP or a party spokesman, opposing Freedom of Movement as envisioned in the EU. I disagreed with that at the time and still do. It was against party policy at the time and still is; party policy is not determined by the Leader's private views.

A group of members, including me, who shared your concerns, challenged him to clarify his views; his response is here. Even if you believe that he's being disingenuous and that his views are not as he represents them, his personal views still do not constitute party policy, which is pro-FoM within the EU, and pro-remaining in the EU.

Also: there wasn't a leadership election as such; there was a vacancy in which only MPs were eligible to stand; assuming that previous leadership candidates and first-time new MPs wouldn't stand, there were all of three people who might have chosen to challenge Vince Cable (Jo Swinson, Ed Davey, Tom Brake). For whatever reasons, none did, leaving us with only one option for leadership.

Vince Cable is clearly old, but in my personal opinion he's still capable of doing an adequate job; I probably wouldn't've supported him as leader against Jo Swinson or Ed Davey, but for reasons other than age.

Party position on Brexit is that we continue to oppose it vigorously, and call for its reversal by means of a referendum on the final deal, with Remaining in the EU as one of the options on the ballot. Given that Vince Cable has been encouraging the use of the slogan "prepare an exit from Brexit", I don't think he's about to overturn this policy.
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