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The less geeky side of the FB crowd are discovering sharing memes just like we used to on LJ back in the early 2000s. It's very cute. But somehow, even doing a fun silly meme on FB feels unpleasant to me, a bit like trying to socialize in a skeevy noisy bar, where you can't hear conversations properly and you're always looking over your shoulder in case the aggression spills over.

So I'm pleased this list things beginning with a letter meme has shifted back to DW, where I feel like this kind of thing spiritually belongs, and anyway I feel lots more comfortable. [personal profile] pseudomonas gave me an A:

Something I hate: anti-semitism. I was going to say aniseed, but really I don't hate it, I just find the flavour unpleasant, and then I was casting around for stuff to actually hate. I hate the existence of a belief that I'm worthless because of who my ancestors are.

Something I love: apoptosis.

Somewhere I've been: Australia. My mother has a brother and a sister out there, and we visited them twice when I was a kid, aged 8 and 13 and had two awesomely memorable holidays. And then I went back at the end of 2005, hoping for a post-doc which fell through at the last minute. That felt like a big path-splitting moment; I suspect if I'd got that job I'd have ended up a much more career-successful scientist, probably at the expense of personal life, and I very likely wouldn't have met [personal profile] jack or stayed connected to my SE England social circle.

All three times I've visited Melbourne and Sydney, where the cousins are (and the job would've been in Melbourne had it happened). And I've travelled a little bit between the two cities, visited Canberra and some smaller places basically along the Great Ocean Road. I've never been to the north or west of the country, nor to the Outback at all. I was almost going to put Ayers Rock as the place beginning with A that I'd like to go, but it's been acknowledged as a religious site now and not open to random tourists.

So, somewhere I'd like to go: Athens. I feel like that's a place a European person should go once in their life, and I never have, cos I keep using up all my holiday time and money on seeing far-flung friends. I've never been to mainland Greece at all, my parents took me to Rhodes when I was three, but all I can really remember of that trip is the hotel where we had my birthday dinner.

Someone I know: Andreas, who is [ profile] ghoti and [personal profile] cjwatson's youngest, and has invited me to his third birthday next week. Talking of, does anyone have any good suggestions of presents for three-year-olds? I am most likely going to get him a book, cos we both like books, but all the books I loved when I was his age are dated and maybe the suck fairy has got them, and also he probably owns them already.

A film I like: it's really obvious, but I've always been fond of Amélie.

Please comment if you'd like a letter. I don't promise to have a really robust randomizing method, but I don't suppose you care whether your letter is chosen at random or not.
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