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So if you had a week in Ireland, what would you prioritize doing? Where would you go?

So I keep meaning to do the thing where I take a random few days to travel in Europe, only I never get round to organizing it. But this time [ profile] darcydodo prompted me, as she's in Dublin for a conference and has a few days to travel afterwards. So this is the plan for the last week in June. And we really do need to get it sorted out fairly fast as we've left it somewhat late.

I'm arriving in Dublin Saturday evening, via rail+sail from Holyhead, which I'm quite looking forward to. We have all of Sunday through Wednesday as yet unscheduled, and I'm flying to Stansted Thursday evening. (I would rather not fly, but given I'm trying to get to the east of England, rail isn't quite feasible.) Darcy is going to hire a car, though she's a bit nervous of driving on the left. And we're aiming to head out of the capital on Sunday, stay in one or maybe two places we can use as a base for day trips, and have maybe a day or so in Dublin at the end.

I asked Darcy to give me an idea where she wants to go so I could go ahead and look for accommodation, but she said she's overwhelmed by choice. So I'm asking the internet for ideas. We're interested in history, especially older history, and in walking in the countryside though probably not serious hiking. And we like food, though we're somewhat less interested in beer or whiskey than some tourists in Ireland might be. We're both Jewish, but we're not exactly going to boycott Christianity related tourism, that would be a bit of a strange attitude to take to visiting Ireland. I've spent a very little time in Dublin before, a couple of day trips only, and I don't think Darcy's ever been to Ireland. So don't be afraid to suggest the absolutely obvious things.

So, what should we see? Where is a good general area to use as a base for travelling? If you happen to know a specific company / establishment that would be a good place to stay, please do share. And any general advice would be appreciated.

Also, if you would like a postcard, please tell me your address. Poll answers are only viewable to me. International is fine; I'm planning to use a postcard sending app that works for most countries. And don't assume I already know your address, I'll use this post as my postcard-sending checklist:
Poll #17509 Address
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What address should I send a postcard to?

I'm a bit nervous about going travelling with my ex; I mean, I am extremely grateful that we're still friends, but I have a slight hesitation about a week with just the two of us visiting places that like to advertise how romantic they are. I worry it's a bit like with adult siblings falling back into the pattern of how they used to interact as teenagers. But actually I'm sure we'll be fine and the worst that will happen is that I'll feel a bit heart-sore at being reminded of what might have been.
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