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I'm having a bit of a discussion (in a locked post) about the connotations of the word girl. So I shall post a poll, because that's always fun. Feel free to expand or criticize or whatever in the comments!

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I'm not sure what inspired me to ask this question, but now it's come into my head I'm quite curious.

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As usual, if you want to talk about the subject, comments are good. And yes, I was mean and used radios instead of ticky boxes. That's mainly because I get more comments that way, from people complaining that they don't like being forced to choose only one option!
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Some conversations I've been having recently have led me to wonder what sort of connotations the term geek has. So of course I obviously had to make a completely unscientific LJ poll, which won't tell me the answer but might be interesting anyway.

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If you don't like my options or have further comments, that's what the comments are for. I don't want a lot of interesting thoughts in the poll where I can't reply to them easily.
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No, I'm not dead, just completely snowed under right now. I'm submitting this week, which means the end is in sight, but it also means I absolutely have to finish a lot of work in a short time.

Anyway, I saw a link in a comment on another LJ discussion to the Open mind AI project. I really badly do not need another source of displacement this week, but it's kind of an interesting concept so I thought I'd pass it on.

Much as I like this kind of distributed information building (I'm a huge fan of Wikipedia and I used to do a lot of volunteering for various open directory projects in the days before there was Google), this particular effort does seem a bit implausible to me. But it's interesting, both in outline and in detail. It's surprising how hard some of the questions are, actually; I was really stumped by exercises such as 'Describe in not more than five sentences what you need to know to understand the statement: The dog was straining at its leash'.


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