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Friday dinner: shabbat chez AF, to say farewell to him before he heads off for Israel. It was very like the Friday nights of my childhood, with out-of-tune singing and enthusiastic liturgical geeking and a bit of sibling bickering. I really appreciate the way AF's family include me!

Saturday breakfast: Very rushed slice of toast and cup of tea, so I could catch a train to Brighton earlier than I normally get up on a Saturday.

Saturday lunch: Really wonderful meal at the restaurant where P'tite Soeur works. Among many delicious things, the stand-out was a really impressive pan-fried halibut with a sauce that was tangy and complemented rather than overwhelming the flavour of the fish. And the Ginger Fox manages to do excellent, high quality food while keeping a relaxed, country pub atmosphere.

The main exciting thing was the success of P'tite Soeur's plan to get most of our generation of the family together in one space; we had all four sibs, as well as [personal profile] jack and Thuggish Poet's partner, and cousin J with his wife and their toddler and baby. So we sat in the glorious sunshine and ate this really tasty food and drank cider and ale and good wine and caught up on eachother's lives and watched J's daughter running about being adorable. It was nearly 6 pm by the time we decided that we really had better call for the bill and make tracks; some of us briefly headed back to Screwy's for tea and more chatting.

Saturday dinner: really exciting home-grown vegetables combined into all kinds of interesting food by the lovely [personal profile] nanaya and [personal profile] alextiefling. Also, they fed us cocktails after the meal, including rather a lot of tequila sunrise. We met [personal profile] tajasel slightly less in passing than we've managed before. We ended up talking until we were actually falling asleep in the middle of sentences...

Sunday brunch: cold rose-flavoured porridge with nuts and fruit, which our fantastic hosts improvised out of a minor culinary mishap. The after-effects of sunshine and alcohol, and the opportunity, meant that we didn't really get up until quite late in the morning, but hey.

Sunday lunch: exciting dim sum at Imperial China, with [personal profile] pfy, [ profile] doseybat, [ profile] pplfichi and a friend of his who turned out to make a good conversation even better. The restaurant didn't have that many veggie options, but they ones they did have were so exciting that we were quite happy to just keep reordering those. There was a thing with fried turnip, and some crispy cheung fun, and a tasty, tasty aubergine and tofu hotpot. It worked out surprisingly cheap, for a satisfying and exciting meal in the middle of London!

Sunday tea: cup of tea and a slice of cake in a fairly random little café in Green Lanes. This allowed us to provide [personal profile] khalinche with her recommended daily dose of fresh air and human company.

Sunday supper: sandwiches with avocado and Wensleydale, cos I came home too hot and not hungry enough to cook.

My life is so incredibly wonderful!
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