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Date: 2017-01-27 10:32 am (UTC)
Interesting. I can't decide whether I'd enjoy "Katy" or not. I loved WKD and its sequels, and didn't feel it needed fixing. I was recently annoyed by a review of "Katy" (which I found last week when you said you were planning to read it) which ranted about Katy in the original book being miraculously healed by learning to be good. I didn't get that impression at all from the original. All along her medically-qualified father believes her injury is curable, and when Helen tells her a story about a girl with a permanent back injury, Katy says "Just like you and me!" and Helen says something like "Something like me, but not like you, because we hope you will get better someday."
(I don't know enough medicine to be sure of this, but I can believe that Katy's injury was of a kind that would heal slowly over time in the 19th century, and perhaps would be curable more quickly with surgery these days.)
So if Wilson also believes original-Katy was miraculously healed by learning to be good, and has written her book as a critical response to that, then I think I would find the book too annoying.

I'm also surprised by the boyfriend thing. Even speaking as someone who felt like a total freak for getting to the end of sixth form without ever having a boyfriend (although I then came to Cambridge and met other people for whom this was normal), I still think 11 seems too early. Aren't boys still at the "ewww, girls!" stage then?

But I should probably read it anyway, and see what I think of both these issues after having actually read it, and I would probably enjoy it on balance.
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