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A song that needs to be played LOUD I considered being incredibly obvious and picking We will rock you by Queen, since that is one of my favourite LOUD songs, but let's go for something that's a bit more personal to me: Head like a hole by Nine Inch Nails.

I was listening to this really a lot when I was a student. At the time I wouldn't have said it was my favourite song, but it's really stuck with me through the decades in a way that lots of songs from a similar era haven't.

Also, I voted. I didn't have any good options and I'm not sure I even had any non-terrible options, so I voted for a party that several people I love believe in. I feel that, in however much time I have left before the powers that be decide I have too many foreign friends, too many foreign ancestors, to be tolerated, I might as well use my vote to try to make at least some people happy.

My prediction is that Parliament will change very little compared to 2015. A few key seats may change hands and the media will make a big fuss about that, but basically the Tories will end up with another slim majority, Labour will continue as the main opposition (and the main party in Wales) but not get above 250 seats, the SNP will lose a handful of seats in Scotland but continue to have massive dominance there, the Lib Dems and Greens and Plaid will continue to be tiny. Like most English people I don't dare to make a prediction about Northern Ireland - Nicholas Whyte is generally sensible.

And then the Conservatives will kick May out for not increasing her majority to a landslide, due to mishandling both Brexit and the election. I don't know who'll replace her - Boris Johnson if I had to guess. But whoever it is will continue with the general Conservative approach that the UK voted for Brexit, so obviously we must have wanted to trash the economy, give up on scientific collaboration and international trade, and remove human rights. It's the will of the people, after all. And Labour will have yet another attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn for not winning the unwinnable election, which probably won't succeed because Corbyn has massive staying power, but will keep the party too busy to do anything about the Conservatives sleep-walking into ultra-hard Brexit and asset stripping the NHS. The Lib Dems will do what they always do after elections, which is whine about how they can't understand why the plebs are too stupid to see how they're obviously superior.

What Sturgeon will do in Scotland is probably the most interesting question; at the moment she seems to be reckoning on postponing the second independence referendum to 2019 rather than immediately. But if I hope for anything at all it's that Scotland will leave the UK and join the EU as an independent country in the next few years. And that's not much of a hope, in a way: I am wishing for my country to break up so at least Scottish people don't get quite as much misery as the rest of us.

Anyway, much love to all my friends who have been politically active, whether that's traditional boots on the ground campaigning or posting thoughtful analysis on social media, all the way up to actually standing for office in a few cases. And sorrowful solidarity to my friends who are already regarded as foreign in our "Hostile Environment". I wish I could have voted for a party that would actually support you rather than attacking you.

I don't suppose there's much point doing GOTV type postings here. I'm sure all my friends who are eligible to vote know as well as I do how the process works, and have either already voted or made a clear plan to do so, or perhaps made an in principle decision against voting.

In case it helps, here's details of why the Lib Dems probably won't form another Tory coalition, and here's my brother [ profile] angrysampoet's arguments why Corbyn probably won't just sit around being shitty and ineffectual this time. He was planning a series of essays and only completed the first three before election day, but anyway, he's putting a case for Corbyn that gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe voting isn't totally pointless.
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