Aug. 19th, 2016 01:08 pm
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It's 15 Av today, which is a Jewish love festival with a rather tenuous Rabbinic origin. And here I am very happy and in love, so I shall talk about that a bit.

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  • There's a DW equivalent of that annual Valentine community there used to be on LJ. It's not too late to send a message! They're pretty unpicky, you can have signed or anon messages, you can message your one true love or multiple sweeties or everyone you care about.

    Me, I spent the weekend with my lovely fiancé, not trying to do anything dramatic, just having some time together uninterrupted by the usual stack of social commitments I end up with when I'm in Cambridge. Lunch at a cute country pub, the King William IV out towards Royston; it's a bit over the top with its ye olde decor, and the food is pleasant but not amazing – they do, as advertised, have a substantial vegetarian selection, though. That allowed us to enjoy the weekend's one small patch of sunshine and walk in the countryside a bit.

  • [personal profile] jenett has a fantastic discussion of dressing for formal but not specifically business contexts. What I like about it is that it's practical rather than ideological; there are so many guides for how to dress for an interview which basically boil down to, if you're female you're in the wrong. Jenett talks about how clothing actually works, and doesn't assume that everyone should (or can) spend endless time and money on outfits and grooming. Most importantly she doesn't assume that you have to be thin, white, beautiful and acceptably feminine to be worth anything at all, which is a breath of fresh air. Some of her advice is US-specific, but a lot of the general principles are much more broadly applicable.

  • [ profile] siderea pointed me to a really great article about women and anaemia. Take-home message: anaemia in women is just as likely as anaemia in men to be caused by upper GI tract bleeding, and shouldn't be assumed to be a natural consequence of menstruation. It's one of those articles where it's simultaneously frustrating that the medical establishment so completely failed to question their assumptions, and fantastic that someone went and tested stuff systematically and found empirical data rather than relying on (inconveniently sexist) common sense. Also, it's an example of why anthropology is really useful and important in the real world!

  • Somewhat related: [personal profile] kaberett made notes on treatments attempted for endometriosis, which may be useful for others with the same condition.
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    Reasons to hate Valentine's Day:
    • It's ridiculous over-commercialized nonsense
    • It's a ploy to get people to spend money on junk they don't need
    • It makes people who don't have a partner feel miserable and inadequate
    • It's sexist and heterosexist
    • There's a really nasty set of assumptions behind the concept of men giving women cheap chocolate and expecting sex in return
    • You should express love for the people you love all year round
    • It's annoying, expensive and crowded to go out for a romantic evening at the same time as everybody else
    • It makes pair-bonding, sexual love more important than all other kinds
    • Anonymous messages lead to drama and DOOM
    • What she said, big time!
    Reasons why VD has some redeeming features: cut for soppy )
    liv: cartoon of me with long plait, teapot and purple outfit (Default) and [ profile] cartesiandaemon are a thing.

    As of Friday, technically; he favoured the date because it would be an easy anniversary to remember, and I am thinking I'm not going to need to remember very often. If we make it to another Leap Day I shall be thirty-three (!) and the relationship will have been longer than any I've previously experienced.

    I will fill in the details later, probably filtered, so if you don't want to hear new relationship squee let me know and I'll remove you from the filter. Anyway, this probably means I'll be in England a bit more often. I'm visiting the weekend of 15th March and we're hoping to make a start on showing eachother off to our friends.

    Also, since this is the first relationship I've started since I joined LJ, I've made a new icon in honour of the occasion. Bacterial sex is direct information transfer! We spent a very large proportion of our romantic weekend trying to catch eachother up on a lifetime of reading, because we have priorities.


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