Apr. 13th, 2012

liv: Bookshelf labelled: Caution. Hungry bookworm (bookies)
Author: Lev Grossman

Details: (c) Lev Grossman, 2009; Pub Arrow Books 2009; ISBN 978-0-0995-3444-0

Verdict: The magicians is uneven but readable.

Reasons for reading it: There's been a fair amount of buzz about it, and I liked the premise.

How it came into my hands: [personal profile] jack leant it to me.

detailed review )

It seems as if The Magicians is meant to be a bit slipstreamy, it's meant to appeal to both litfic readers who think they're superior to all those fantasy-reading nerds, and to the fantasy-reading nerds themselves. It's only partially successful in this, mainly because it doesn't quite mesh the two aspects, and because it isn't really as clever as it thinks it is.


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