Nov. 14th, 2008

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I've had one of those weeks, a bit. I was idly checking my email on Monday morning, and realized that I had an extra committee meeting Monday evening, and a lecture Tuesday evening which I'd agreed to do ages ago and then forgotten about, on top of my usual class Thursday evening and running a service with Joanna on Friday. So it's been a bit manic, especially fitting all that round work commitments, but so far seems to have come out ok in the end.

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I'm doing surprisingly well with my Nano project. I'm effectively halfway through ([ profile] cartesiandaemon is visiting the last weekend in the month, so I want to make my goal before then). So far I have 30,441 words, which is about 30% ahead of target.

Look, a pretty chart!

I don't know if 50K is really attainable; next week will be weird because I'm at a course on science communication all week, so I'm not sure if that will mean more or less writing time than my normal working routine. But it looks fairly likely that if I miss the target I won't be far off. This is really very satisfying, I'm glad I undertook the challenge!


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