Oct. 25th, 2012

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So I have two problems, which I think are basically the same problem, and I even think I know what the solution is, except I can't quite get it to work for me. Basically what I want is for the future to be even more futuristic, and deliver me all the reading matter I need in a format convenient to me.

this should be easy, but )

So, any suggestions for an RSS reader? I need one that:
  • Works reliably
  • Shows me all the updates in chronological order
  • Lets me customize (at least to some extent) the appearance of the reading list
  • Shows me the posts themselves and at least the number of comments, not just the title
  • Deals with authentication and has reasonable privacy
I'd rather pay than deal with intrusive ads, but at this point I'll accept existing at all.

Assuming I do get this sorted, if you do have a presence not on LJ or DW, and you'd like me to follow you, please let me know where I can find your writing. If you're on Twitter I probably already know, because Twitter at least has an adequate mobile interface. Feel free to add me, u/n individeweal, if we're not already connected. But if you're on Tumblr or a "real" blog please tell me about it. If you are ok with me knowing but don't want the entire internet to see the connection between your DW handle and you blog, feel free to PM me instead of commenting.


Oct. 25th, 2012 09:33 pm
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I have a really ambivalent relationship with Cambridge and the Cambridge scene. In one sense, I was already bored of Cambridge by the time I moved there aged 15. My social life had been Cambridge-based since I joined a school there a little before my 9th birthday. And it was limited and limiting and small-town-ish and I couldn't wait to get away. In another sense, though, I always feel rooted and at home there; the university means it's just not like any other small town.

This past weekend was, well, very Cambridge. diary stuff )

In lots of ways, Cambridge people are my people, the Jews and the geeks both, and I'm really enjoying being back in England and having enough money to spend lots of weekends in that very comfortable environment.


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