Aug. 2nd, 2017

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Recently read: Two very strong pieces on living with chronic health issues and navigating people's assumptions about health and disability:
  • [personal profile] monanotlisa writes I broke my spine in 2006, and nothing has ever been the same for me since.
  • Malfunctioning space stations, by Marissa Lingen within the Disabled people destroy SF series.

    [personal profile] mrissa also wrote, years ago, a post which has really informed my thinking about chronic illness and disability: Hollywood broken leg theory.

    Both pieces are very personal, and also very intersectional, pointing out that people's general status in society will really affect just how much negativity they get in response to their condition. Someone I don't know, Aubrey Hirsch, explored a similar topic in the comic Medicine's woman problem. Transcript below the cut, though I'm not sure I can quite manage full image descriptions.

    transcript of Hirsch's cartoon )

    Currently reading: Dzur by Steven Brust. This is the nth in the rather extended Dragaera series, about what happens next when a human ends up in Elfland. In this case, the human's son and series narrator, Vlad Taltos, is living as an assassin and small-time crime boss among people much more powerful than him and whose morality he doesn't understand. I like Taltos' discursive, witty style, and I like the way that each book is fairly light and self-contained, but the series as a whole has very deep complex connections. That said, I can only take so much at a time, so I've been reading through the series very slowly with lots of breaks for other stuff.

    I'm about a third of the way through Dzur and so far it's not really grabbing me. It seems very middlish, and it's still meandering through set-up. Many of the earlier books started in medias res with lots of action, whereas Vlad's quips are witty and his descriptions of food are delightful, but not quite enough to fill a hundred pages.

    Up next: Not sure. I think maybe A long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers, because lots of people have enthused about it in a way that makes it seem appealing to me, even though a few people I know really hated it.
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