May. 12th, 2010 03:23 pm
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This posting everyday for three weeks thing hasn't worked out well at all! Mind you, Dreamwidth and the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth festival seem to be doing very well without my input, which is very reassuring.

The first thing that happened was that [personal profile] jack spontaneously decided to come back with me after our weekend in London. So he's been staying here while he gets his life sorted out, which is really lovely, but it means I'm more inclined to spend my spare time with him than with online friends.

The second thing that happened was that the screen on Little List, my baby Eee computer, broke, so we only had one computer between the two of us. So any time I spend online means throwing Jack off the computer, and leaving him rather at loose ends since he's in that awkward visitor situation of not having much else he wants to be getting on with. This also means I've not been able to take the computer with me to compose posts while travelling, or use friends' and public wifi to keep up with all the exciting stuff my friends are posting.

The result is that I've been relying on my phone and about half an hour a day for my internet connection. It's a bit like when I was living temporarily in the Grim Flat, but much less lonely! The result is that I'm constantly lagging at about ?skip=100 on my DW reading page, not following my LJ flist at all, and I'm not even trying to follow blogs or any of the wider fandom discussions. There's some business about pro authors and fanfic which is at the periphery of my radar, though I think that's probably skippable. And lots of discussion about sexual harassment at cons and how the community as a whole should respond to that, which has the potential to be interesting but I don't at this point have the time to properly understand giant imbroglios, sadly. [personal profile] lab made a great, tangentially related post which explains why victim blaming is so hurtful.

Anyway, let's see. While I was offline, an election happened. I voted, and I'm actually a lot happier with the outcome than I expected to be. Ideally I'd have liked a more convincing Labour rout, particularly at local council level. But I like the look of the Lib/Con coalition that's shaping up, I like that the Lib Dems weren't willing to compromise on civil liberties, but were willing to compromise on their "Mansion tax", a policy I disliked so much that I came close to refusing to consider voting for them. And I am happy that the position of the BNP is much worse than it was before the election.

Then I went to a Friday night service at the fairly new, small Progressive community in Manchester. They've recently appointed R Mark Solomon as a part-time rabbi, which I'm delighted about because he's very much one of my favourite people in the rabbinate, being both scholarly and compassionate and generally wonderful. He led an absolutely gorgeous service, including a reading from a completely amazing Sephardi Torah that they found on eBay (!) The administrative bits of the community aren't quite fully functioning yet, but I have great hopes that R Solomon will help guide them to build something really vibrant. I would love to get involved and help (yay Queer-friendly, young, dynamic Progressive community) but they're just a bit too far away geographically for me to commit to regular involvement, especially when I have my "own" community here in Stoke also needing a lot of input from me.

[personal profile] syllopsium very generously provided crash space, which made a Friday night in Manchester a lot more doable than it otherwise would have been. Also made it possible for us to go out walking on Saturday. We did a 10 mile walk on Darwen Moor near Blackburn, fairly gentle as it was mostly undulating rather than properly uphill, but still further than I've walked in a while. I'm really very much appreciating having company to motivate me to get out for walking more. Then there was beer and I returned to Stoke for a really tasty and exciting meal out at Jalsa with [personal profile] jack.

Sunday was equally enjoyable and sociable: [ profile] mathcathy fed us some really tasty soup, and then we went for a stroll in the gorgeous sunshine. We selected a random footpath near Eccleshall; it was not well maintained and in some places actively blocked off with things like electric fences, but we strode confidently along anyway. Then we returned to Cathy's for teeeeea and board games, and she ended up feeding us supper as well, meaning we could stay until quite late in the evening. To my great excitement she has Scotland Yard, one of my favourite childhood games. I played Mr X and lost, but not too badly considering that I was playing against a pair of highly devious mathematicians! We also had a couple of very satisfying games of Settlers of Catan, one with the Oceans board and one with New World. I lost both quite definitively, but had a great deal of fun on the way. I finally made up for my losing streak by winning a quick game of Dominion, but that felt more like luck than any great skill.

The students are back, cramming in just a few more weeks of learning new material before they start exams. So I've been having fun teaching the first years about pregnancy and the second years about pain. That does mean I'm back to being very busy, and expect to be nearly as much swallowed by exams as the students themselves for the next few months.

If I had more time online I'd definitely want to get involved in [personal profile] damned_colonial's discussion about body image and geek gatherings. But let's start with a link anyway, cos I think there's some really interesting and chewy stuff there. Slightly related, and also really really thinky: [personal profile] ajnabieh on Mom jeans.

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Date: 2010-05-18 06:45 pm (UTC)
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he's in that awkward visitor situation of not having much else he wants to be getting on with.

i advise jack learns to knit ;-)


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