Apr. 7th, 2014 12:26 pm
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Things are somewhat stressful at work, not crisis, but there are a lot of things I need to be doing / have done and I'm not quite on top of all them. So I've come to huddle at [personal profile] jack's, partly because some of what I need to do is a massive pile of marking and that'll go a lot better uninterrupted. We managed a weekend that was both relaxing and sociable, a couple of mornings of just spending time together, and afternoons with lovely people at fairly low-key events.

Saturday was [ profile] ghoti's excellent tabletop day. We tried to bring games that are playable for a mixed-age group, but most of what happened was the adults played complex strategic games and the children ran around the park shouting. Which was fun for everybody, and there was more mixed gaming getting started by the time we left. We managed to get a game of Darjeeling which I bought kind of by mistake because it was on special at the game shop and because it's tea-themed; it's really nicely flavoured if you'll excuse the pun, but not quite balanced as a strategy game. Still decently playable even if not a top-flight game. Then played a very friendly few rounds of Apples to Apples, and in between chatted to lots of people I like and met a few new-to-me people. Plus there was tea and very good cake, which always improves an afternoon.

We left early because we had tea plans with [personal profile] jack's friend A; it was really lovely to spend some proper time with her not in a big group. She seemed sincere in encouraging us to carry on relationship processing and domestic discussions in her presence, so we did a bit of that and it was very useful.

Yesterday we went up to London, had lunch at Rasa, one of my favourite restaurants. We ate very well and for the first time managed to avoid scoffing ridiculously too much because it's all so delicious. The reason we were in that part of town was for [personal profile] khalinche's pre-adventure party, which started out at The Crooked Billet and moved on to the Pembury as the original venue was just too crowded for a party of a dozen or so. Both places had good cider and good tea, so I was happy, and again I had a lovely time talking to people I like, notably [personal profile] wildeabandon and [personal profile] ses and [ profile] timeplease. We also ran into my brother, Thuggish Poet, for whom the Pembury is actually his local, not just a spiritual local like it is for most of us.

To my amazement, because I thought this tradition had sadly died, the new people I met actually exchanged LJ names! I am a bit surprised I had never met [personal profile] cryptogirl and partner or [ profile] bluedevi before now, because we obviously have overlapping circles. [ profile] obandsoller thought we hadn't actually met before now; I think we've been at some of the same parties, but we hadn't really had a proper conversation until yesterday. So that was cool too. Also, it seems that when people bring up LJ, I'm still a tiny bit famous for that PhD rant.

And now I'm going to bury myself in marking for the rest of the day. I haven't forgotten the discussion about visibility, may try to get to it piecemeal.


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