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After the rather frantic start of Passover, the second half of the festival was relaxing but still sociable. I worked from home and was able to spend time with Cambridge friends. I even went to dinner with my parents on Friday night, which I always mean to do but rarely get round to! So that was really lovely with tasty food and good conversation.

At the weekend I managed to make it to the rescheduled coffee and shinies morning with [personal profile] ceb and [personal profile] rmc28. We had a lovely putting the world to rights conversation, and we got to admire eachother's purchases from [personal profile] elisem before taking home our own. I originally intended to buy a present for [ profile] ghoti, namely these completely gorgeous Subtle earrings. And I'm so pleased, because they look even better in person than on the internet, and even better still in [ profile] ghoti's ears, and yay I can actually successfully buy Lioness shinies as a present.

But anyway, while I was looking at [personal profile] elisem's wares I managed to fall in love with the pendant True For You, and [ profile] rysmiel and [personal profile] kaberett encouraged me to buy it even though I was scared cos I really rarely wear jewellery at all. I am so much happier now that I own this lovely piece, I'll find an occasion for it somehow. I am quite bad at talking about the shinies, but I want to try cos I know [personal profile] elisem appreciates when people put words to their art. I love this because it has secret hidden purple (this is a theme, the pendant of [personal profile] elisem's that gets most wear is Gift for a Mad Scientist). And because I was really appreciating all the boulder opal pieces in a fairly recent set; one of the things I like most about [personal profile] elisem's work, and why I keep falling for it even though I can fairly easily resist nearly all other jewellery, is because it really showcases rocks as rocks, not only for their resemblance to more conventional cut precious stones. And because, ok, this is the bit where I get a bit woo and don't really have the vocabulary for what I mean, forgive me. I think it's a heart, not a loveheart but a biological heart; I discovered after I had that thought that the brown colour of boulder opal is basically ironstone, which makes it even more appropriate. And the name reminds me of pluralism and accepting that truth is personal as well as abstract. And it's a thing I bought for myself just because it's beautiful, not for any particular reason or because I deserve it. So I hope I will find a way to wear it; I'm not sure if I want to put it on a chain or a ribbon, but somehow.

Also [personal profile] ceb has On the Threshold and I am so, so, so glad I got to see that in person. It's fascinating, much brigher and more complex than it looks in those photos, and I am full of wonder at it, so I'm really glad that it's actually wearable for someone I know who isn't me.

Later on [personal profile] highlyeccentric showed up, and she along with [personal profile] cjwatson and [ profile] ghoti and their family helped me to celebrate the end of Passover by eating allllll the pizza (we picked Zizzi, who were happy with a largeish, mixed age party and who do fairly basic anglo-Italian food relatively well and with generous portions). And then [personal profile] doseybat and [ profile] pplfichi showed up from Spain very late Saturday night, meaning we could spend most of Sunday talking. Some of the converation was at home, some in the park with [ profile] ghoti and her younger two; [personal profile] doseybat attempted to initiate them into the joys of plant collecting, and I was impressed that we found a couple of dozen different species that were all in flower in just a scrappy bit of grass with a climbing frame round the corner from my house.

In more not Passover any more news, [ profile] ghoti made spontaneous cookies on Sunday evening and spontaneous choc chip cake yesterday when [personal profile] jack and I were over for tea and playing Apples to Apples with the children. And I have a lovely flip-chart omer counter with beautiful paintings of produce for each day, made for me by [personal profile] adam_in_rabbinical_school's mother.

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They are beautiful earrings, thank you. And it was lovely to see all the people you attract, too :)


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