May. 18th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Last weekend it was the slightly obscure Jewish festival of Lag b'Omer, mainly celebrated by going out into the woods and having picnics. I was really really pleased when my OSOs and their two younger children, and [ profile] fivemack, came up for the weekend to join me!

We ended up staying out in Talke, which is a bit of a middle of nowhere suburb, but anyway, I went to the hotel after shul and waited for the Cambridge party to join me. Which meant we could make an early start and go to Alton Towers. This trip felt a lot less stressful than the previous visit, partly because the children are older and partly because I've got more used to expeditions with children. But also the theme park felt remarkably uncrowded, even though there were many many people there. We spent most of the time in the children's areas, CBeebies Land and Cloud Cuckoo Land, and went on the cable car and did a fair bit of wandering around just chilling. I'd decided I didn't want to force myself to go on any of the big rollercoasters, but I did get a chance to ride the runaway mine train, which for me is at the level of just fun and not scary. And this time Andreas was tall enough to join the adults.

Once we escaped from the theme park, we had dinner in a chain pub on the way home, and then returned to the hotel to watch Eurovision. I'd never actually sat down and watched the show before, I'd only seen snippets and enjoyed it vicariously on social media. And I was somewhat disappointed in how much of it seemed to be a straight music competition, I was expecting a lot more weird or flamboyant acts. I was rooting for Croatia, who had this rather amazing guy who sang a duet with himself, in two completely different voices, switching between operatic baritone and a very high pop style. But in fact Portugal, whose song I found mostly boring, won by miles. I also liked Belgium's on pure musical grounds, though the very young singer had a gorgeous voice but absolutely no stagecraft. Ghoti had brought interesting alcohol to drink while we watched, but Judith was being super obliging at making everybody hot drinks so I ended up mostly drinking tea.

Sunday we had absolutely glorious weather for our picnic. We started fairly late after the long day and late night TV watching, but we got to Consall with a bit of time to spare to admire the steam train. And then the picnic with the community worked exactly as it should. Lots of people showed up, including some who don't really like explicitly religious stuff, and quite a few, not just me, brought non-Jewish friends along. And there was way way way too much food and it was really sociable and bonding. But we were sad to learn that the organization that runs the nature reserve has closed to the public.

I only have one more day of teaching before the summer. May is always intense, so I'll hope to be a bit more present on DW from next week.

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Date: 2017-05-19 01:43 pm (UTC)
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How marvelously British that there's a theme park callled "cloud cuckoo land"!


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