Jun. 7th, 2009 09:20 pm
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I've had a fun and relaxed weekend, probably the last I'll get for a while as I have to spend the next couple of weeks frantically packing and then moving back to the UK and then setting off on adventures!

I left work a little early on Friday to go shopping with SA, partly because I wanted the excuse for her company, and partly because I wanted to take the opportunity to buy the kind of smart-casual clothes that are much more widely available here than in the UK. It was hard work, but successful in the end. We started out in the grand boutiques in NK, and found some nice stuff, but not quite nice enough to justify the exorbitant prices. As I'd expected, I did best in Axelssons, where they had a really good range of summery but smart and well-made outfits, in colours I like, and fairly classic styles. I ended up getting two very versatile outfits: a summer dress with a matching jacket, from Isolde, in a shade of mauve that really works well for me; and a three-piece, more formal outfit in bright red from Steilmann. Three pieces is a matching skirt, light jacket and really amazing fantastic dress that just suits me perfectly, so I reckon that gives me a whole range of formality. SA is very good at encouraging me to persevere and try lots of different styles and sizes rather than giving up when the first three don't fit!

We went to shul in the evening as we'd been invited to join a community dinner and try to convince a potential candidate for the rabbinical post that there are lots of young people active in the community. In the end I was bolshie and refused to sit at the top table with the rabbinical candidate, because I really felt like I was being pimped at him, and besides I wanted to spend the evening with my friends, as I won't get many more chances.

Saturday I went back to shul, mainly because some acquaintances were celebrating a baby-blessing for their new-born daughter. Said daughter is impressively tiny, even considering she's only a couple of weeks old and considering that her mother is a small woman. But that also gave me a chance to listen to the rabbi being grilled in order to report back to the Progressive people. Rabbi is my age, which is a scary thought, and he came across as a little nervous at first but warmed up. When he had several dozen people firing questions at him, in many cases based on bad experiences with previous candidates, he handled it very well. We have a big problem with everybody, including the senior officers in the community, being extremely confused about denominations, since "Progressive" and "Conservative" mean entirely different things in Israel, where the rabbi was trained, in Eastern Europe where he comes from, in the US where our previous rabbis were trained and where it's easiest to pick up bits of information from the internet and general reading, and in Western Europe where we actually are. (As of last month we officially belong to the European Masorti movement, but nobody here has much idea what that means.)

Then I spent lots of yesterday and today writing a code for Dreamwidth. It's definitely a step up in terms of programming complexity from what I've tried before, but I got there in the end after much swearing at the compiler and a useful syntax hint from [personal profile] jack when it came to using hashes. What it does is gives the option of using different colours for different people posting on reading pages, which is sort of possible on LJ already, but my new version is consistent no matter which journal style you use, uses modern CSS, and has loads of flexibility built in (that was the part that was hard to program!)

I went out in the middle of the day to listen to a free concert from the Stockholm Early Music Festival. It was a nice event, but didn't quite live up to some of the previous years' items. Funny combination of instruments, lute, viola da gamba and soprano singer, but period instruments are always fun. The lutenist, Söderberg, impressed me a lot, but the lute is never going to be the star of an ensemble like that. He did play a few songs on a weird thing like a lute with an almost ludicrously long neck, which apparently is called a theorbo. Ericsson-Berglund's voice was pretty, but lacked power, which shouldn't matter in a small chamber setting like that, but I found her performance a little unsatisfying.

I indulged myself in pizza and icecream for lunch, then headed to the out-of-town shopping centre to pick up the dress I'd chosen on Friday, since the town centre shop didn't have it in my size. I looked for shoes (I'm still wearing trainers as I have no decent shoes at the moment) but wasn't successful.

I can't really quite get my head round the fact that I have only one more weekend and less than two weeks total time here.

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Date: 2009-06-08 08:17 pm (UTC)
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he option of using different colours for different people posting on reading pages

*Please* hurry up. It's one of the things I like about LJ because it makes it so much easier to flick through a reading list on a long day - who can I skip (mostly feeds), who do I absolutely need to read, who falls in the middle and whether I want to read technical posts, personal ones or potentially drawn-out and fascinating discussions.

I really want to have proper styles for DW :-(


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