Jul. 17th, 2013 11:30 am
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Thank you all for having really civilized discussions in my controversial opinions post. I really appreciate having a readership who challenge me without getting belligerent about it.

Let me follow up with a nice warm fuzzy post. I have about 250 people subscribed to this journal, and a thoroughly excellent crowd you all are. And maybe some of you would like to meet some other similarly excellent people. So, I've invented a game.

If you would like to, please comment to this post, and I'll introduce you to everybody else by giving a reason why I think you're great. Some people I know better than others, so I can't promise all my introductions will exactly encapsulate why someone might want to get to know you. You're also welcome to comment to someone else's thread and ask for a specific introduction to that person; I know some people are more confident than others about just jumping in and introducing themselves to a stranger. I am also happy to matchmake if you would like that; ask me for a recommendation of a personal journal and / or community from my circles.

And of course, feel free to repost this game in your own journal, if you think it would be a good way to make connections between some of your people. I think this could go quite well if it spreads a few hops away from here, but also worth doing even if no-one picks it up.
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My life is generally wonderful, and I have broadband at home! I feel a bit like a starving beggar at a feast, I can tell you. Last night I stayed up way too late chatting to [personal profile] redbird and [personal profile] hatam_soferet and [personal profile] jack.

I was also a good girl and the first thing I did on getting online was to install lots of Windows security updates, and an antivirus program (is there anything enough better than the free version of AVG to be worth paying for?) and the latest version of Firefox. And the second thing I did was to re-backup my LJ and back up my DW for the first time. (The backups I previously had were on a computer which died and my admittedly inefficient system for keeping that backed up failed on me.) Anything else I need to do to be a good internet citizen? In particular, is it likely to be a problem that my router has a somewhat guessable password?

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Other things that are making me happy: [ profile] blue_mai's basket of spring is full of yellow, blue and white flowers on the windowsill beside me. Several people dear to me have coupled up recently, so I feel much happier knowing they are happy instead of having to field lots of my favourite people complaining about how nobody loves them. And I am having a great time with teaching some really fun, responsive students.
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Separate post so I can do screened comments: I finally have a Google Wave account (thanks, [personal profile] afuna)! My username is rachelgb. If you want to connect to me on it, comment with your Google Wave username if you have an account, or your email address if you would like an invite. I probably won't be around on the system all that much until I have the aforementioned new computer and preferably a home internet connection.

Hard meme

Oct. 30th, 2007 03:28 pm
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[ profile] j4 came up with a challenging meme. I normally refuse on principle to spread memes that have blackmail attached to them, but hers is such a great idea that I wanted to do it anyway.

It's surprisingly hard, though! I came up with ten people I could talk to without using LJ. But not all of them are on my friendslist, and I don't have something specific to say to them in every case, a lot of them I just wanted to chat about stuff in general. I think making a post saying, who would like some non-LJ communication with me? is cheating, because that blatantly breaks the without the aid of LiveJournal rule!

Of course, the fact that it's tough is making me even more determined to do it, but it's hard. I think this demonstrates [ profile] j4's implied point that we're all lazy about real socializing due to LJ making things too convenient!
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Well, because I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, I've signed up to Friendster using [my surname] I'm assuming that if you can demung that, you're most likely human and there's a reasonable chance you actually know me. So if you want to link to me, please feel free.

Like many such things, it's the kind of thing that only works well if lots of people, and lots of people you know, are in the system. I think I'd rather pimp it this way than send those annoying emails that effectively do the website's marketing for it.


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