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I've done quite well recently at seeing far-flung and too busy to meet up friends. busy and sociable )

And this week I'm off to Oxford for a course. I've organized to extend my stay over the weekend to have a little break, and [personal profile] jack is going to join me. I think I've mostly managed to find my Oxford contacts on Twitter, but if there's anyone else I've forgotten who'd like to meet up in Oxford this weekend, do shout. [personal profile] sea_bright, perhaps?
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The major good thing in my life at the moment is long conversations with friends. I've managed to speak on the phone to [ profile] darcydodo for the first time since the wedding, and to [personal profile] hatam_soferet this week. At the weekend I went to London purely for the purpose of spending time with [personal profile] khalinche and [personal profile] doseybat; I didn't have any plans and I wasn't bothered when the weather was too miserable for much sight-seeing, I just enjoyed some really good conversations and catching up.

I introduced [personal profile] khalinche to the ever-wonderful Diwana, since she was kind enough to meet me at the station and it was lunchtime and raining. But then we went back to her place and just talked and drank tea for the entire afternoon. At that point I joined up with [personal profile] doseybat who had been gaming with [personal profile] khalinche's housemate [ profile] timeplease, and went out for some nice Thai food and more conversation with her and as bonus, [personal profile] pfy and [ profile] fluffymark. Then I spent basically the entire day on Sunday chatting to [personal profile] doseybat and [ profile] pplfichi and drinking even more tea. That was a seriously wonderful weekend, I should do that kind of thing more often.

The mixed but generally positive thing in my life at the moment is work. I'm very busy, I'm doing lots and lots of interesting and enjoyable things. Interesting teaching, interesting pastoral work, interesting organizing and running stuff (primarily the disability bits of the course and my mentoring programme), and very interesting scientific project with my ever-wonderful minion.

The biggest problem in my life at the moment is that it has more good things in it than there are hours in the week. I want to have more conversations with friends, I owe dozens of emails including some that involve making arrangements to meet up or speak on the phone. And I would like to get deeper into various DW and LJ conversations, and just, it's a little overwhelming. And work too, I'm at that stage where pretty much everything is urgent or high priority, but I can't actually do all of it. The thing that's tending to slip is handling email, I have about 150 mails in my work inbox (having already triaged out the ones that don't need any replies or actions). This isn't actually a clever strategy because it means that my to-do list, while over-full, is also incomplete and unreliable.

I've never been quite this type of busy before, because I've never had the kind of job that requires me to juggle this many different things and people who need stuff from me. I think what I'm experiencing is making the transition to a new skill level, rather than things being imminently about to fall apart, but still, I have a bit of a sense that I'm running to stay in place. Two more teaching weeks before the Xmas break, though.


Oct. 13th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Last week, a good friend of [personal profile] jack's married his longterm partner. The wedding gave me an excuse for a really lovely weekend in Cambridge, and was also incredibly endearing for several reasons.

what I did on the weekend )

Basically one of the best things about being married to [personal profile] jack is how completely lovely his friends are, and how much they've accepted me into their circle. Last weekend was a really great example of that. This weekend is for finally getting a chance to catch up on my life after all the rushing around I've been indulging in since the beginning of September! Useful, but much less in the way of extrovert joy.
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It's hard to top last year, when [personal profile] jack and I announced our engagement just after midnight, but the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 have been lovely so far.

white rabbits )

So it's been reasonably quiet, but a chance to spend time with people I'm fond of, which I think makes it a successful new year. This afternoon was the first time I've been online properly since 23rd December, so I'm working backwards by writing up New Year first. I'll hopefully get to the Zwischenjahr, Christmas and Chanukah soonish. But I have just about caught up with my DW reading list. Lucky that the site tends to be fairly quiet at this time of year, so it was only ?skip=200! Still way behind on LJ, though, so if you posted something important there in the past 10 days, please do link me to it.

I'm around in Cambridge until next weekend, working from "home", so I may be available for evening socializing. The best way to see me is probably to come to the party on Saturday (details in a locked post).
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Thank you all for your comments to my previous post. Seriously, I've had the most amazingly generous offers from unexpected quarters, and I'm really touched by that. I have lots of things to talk about that are not the wedding, mainly book reviews that I'm really behind on. Anyway I know I'm hardly the only person ever to get married! Indeed my dear friend [personal profile] angelofthenorth has invited me to her wedding in September, and this weekend was her hen party, which was entirely wonderful.

today's word is civilized )

In spite of that, and visits from MK and [personal profile] hatam_soferet later in the summer, I think I'm going to end up with surplus vacation time. Does anyone want to get together any time between 23rd July and 21st August? I'm probably not going to be bothered to go abroad again this year, but anywhere in Britain is fair game. I am happy to make social arrangements for weekends if you're more restricted in time off work than I am; being able to use Fridays and Mondays for travel just makes dealing with geography that bit more, well, civilized.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 07:47 pm
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The week before last was one of the most stressful I can remember in a long time, and last week was one of the most relaxing. Neither of them involved much time for cherishing my connections with online friends, though!

blessings )

So yes, a week of good food and good conversation and sunshine and time in the same place as friends was just what I needed, I must say.

In unrelated, but very exciting news, my dear friend MK announced the birth of his daughter today! His son, just about the first baby to be born to my social circle, will turn 12 in a few weeks, and now he has a little tiny sister. Yay!
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So the first day of the glorious spring weather I heard some disappointing news: my application to the university for partial funding for a PhD student has been turned down. The most galling thing is that the scheme is supposed to be there to help new academics break into the cycle of needing money in order to get money, yet they turned me down in favour of someone coming from a stronger financial position than me! Grr. This despite truly excellent feedback on the quality of my application; apparently if I can get more money together they'll be very happy to help me next year. My feeling is that next year is probably too late for lots of reasons, and if I can manage to raise lots of money independently I don't actually need the relatively paltry top-up they're offering!

First world problems, I know, but I was quite upset by this disappointment, and while it wasn't my last chance it was probably my best chance of establishing a research career. In fact I haven't felt able to talk about it on DW until now, though I've mentioned it to a few friends. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been supportive.

Anyway, being miserable about that was somewhat mitigated by a really great weekend. London in the sunshine )

OK, back to the grant-writing grindstone. That weekend just made me feel so much better in spite of the disappointment though. Yay lovely people!
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I've had a lot of niggling annoyances this weekend, but I don't want to whine about them. It mostly boils down to geography being evil, and the fact that I'm sleep-deprived enough to blow small setbacks out of proportion. Also, the setbacks completely failed to prevent my weekend from being wonderful!

too tired to squee )

I have a difficult and somewhat stressful week coming up, beginning with a very early morning tomorrow. So I'll do the sensible thing and deal with the tiredness by getting to bed, instead of whining on the internet about things I probably won't care about in the morning. I'll still miss my friends, though.
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Best. Purim. Ever!

friends and community )

The only downer is that when I got home I just couldn't stop sneezing for about 4 hours solid, which is a bit annoying. I've taken some anti-histamines which hopefully will give me a hope of being able to get some sleep tonight.
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[ profile] doseybat and [ profile] pplfichi came to visit this weekend, and we had a brilliant time.

yay friends )

So all in all that was about the perfect weekend, even with the annoying furniture wrangling bits. More people should come and visit and spend hours and hours chatting to me and drinking tea (or other beverages if you don't like tea).
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I'm somewhat ambivalent about chanukah, as I've blogged several times before, but this year I've really really enjoyed the festival.

eight days of awesome )

... and a partridge in a pear tree!


Oct. 28th, 2010 08:49 pm
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[ profile] lethargic_man and [ profile] aviva_m came to visit for the weekend, which was a real treat.

yay friends )

Anyway, I'm planning a very brief flying visit to Cambridge this weekend, and after that it's heads down until Christmas I think, the term is about to get seriously busy.
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Friday dinner: shabbat chez AF, to say farewell to him before he heads off for Israel. It was very like the Friday nights of my childhood, with out-of-tune singing and enthusiastic liturgical geeking and a bit of sibling bickering. I really appreciate the way AF's family include me!

Saturday breakfast: Very rushed slice of toast and cup of tea, so I could catch a train to Brighton earlier than I normally get up on a Saturday.

well fed up and agreeably drunk )

My life is so incredibly wonderful!


Jun. 24th, 2010 06:59 pm
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So the students have finished their exams and gone home for the summer, meaning that work has been a lot less frantic for the last couple of weeks. I decided it was a good time to take a long weekend off, and I'm very glad I did so.

yay lovely people )

So yes, that's why I've not been around online very much. I'm planning to be in Oxford this coming weekend, this time for a college reunion. And the weekend after that (evening of Saturday 3rd and most of the 4th July) in London. Would anyone like to get together for either of those, or possibly offer crash space Saturday night?
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I've had visitors here for most of the last couple of weeks, mostly [personal profile] jack but also [personal profile] forestofglory for a few days. So that gave me a good excuse to be a tourist in my own locality, but also meant that I wanted to spend time talking to the people actually present in the room, which led to being fairly quiet online.

highlights )

Other than that, I've been writing grants and marking exams. Life is good.
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Last week I wasn't on DW much, cos I was busy having soul-nourishing conversations with some of my favourite people, in person.

social doings )

I must admit I am getting a little fed up with green sorts being smug about the volcano blocking air travel. Yes, yes, you are very virtuous in foregoing flying, good for you. But really, people who are trapped in the wrong country, spending more than they can afford and being powerless to deal with urgent problems at home or missing important family occasions don't deserve your schadenfreude. I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows several people directly affected by this. And even if aeroplanes are evil, at least they don't interfere with my breathing.

Two much nicer creative responses to the volcano:
[ profile] papersky wrote poetry (the comments have a bonus awesome ash-cloud dragon animation).
[ profile] redaloud wrote prose.

Warm house

Jan. 19th, 2010 07:59 pm
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I foolishly decided to have my housewarming just about the first possible weekend after moving in (leaving aside the Christmas period, which is useless for parties). The idea was that it would encourage me to be organized about getting the house sorted out, which only worked partly; I got more done than I would have without the deadline, but not everything, and it was more stressful. But the good thing was that lots of lovely people were helpful and supportive, and the party itself was everything I hoped for.

I have the best friends )

Oh, and I have left over: a long black scarf which I think is [ profile] doseybat's, and a washing bag that I think belongs to [personal profile] jack, and a small black umbrella with unidentified owner. If you want me to post stuff back to you, let me know an address and I'll do so.

Surprisingly enough, I don't yet have enough bookcases or storage systems generally. And there are still a few minor DIY jobs that I need to tackle, like putting up coat hooks and towel rails and such. But generally I have a working home that makes me feel relaxed and content when I walk in through the door after a day at work. Also, internet is supposed to be arriving on Monday; I'm a little peeved that TalkTalk's assurance of four working days turned into 21 after I'd already committed to them (while I could have cancelled the contract, at that point it would have taken even longer to find an alternative and get get things set up from scratch), but if it does get switched on seamlessly after only a month of dongle misery I shall be reasonably content.
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Happy New Year, peeps. I have had a month with a lot of intense activity and very little internet access. Now I'm at my parents so I'll make a start on catching up.

late, even for white rabbits )

We came back to Cambridge for NYE which we spent at a very convivial party at Relativity. Then [personal profile] jack drove me to the parents' for a belated celebration of my grandmother's 90th. This was only partly successful because although we did get all the sibs together in one place, there was only about a three hour overlap. Now I'm having a nice relaxing weekend hanging out, chatting to parents and catching up a bit on the internet.
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I had a really great weekend: Friday night dinner with AF and parents, who asked me to stay over so that they could give me a lift to the synagogue in South Manchester in the morning, where I enjoyed a moving service and exciting discussion group. Then I took the train to London and spent the evening at [ profile] doseybat's birthday party, staying over with [personal profile] khalinche and [ profile] ewtikins. And I had a lovely relaxed day on Sunday just hanging out with people I really like.

namechecking and slightly anxious ramblings )

I think the conclusion is that efficiency is not the answer when it comes to socializing. I need to make a whole chunk of several hours to see people individually, and since I live in the right country this should even be practically achievable. And one of these days I will learn how adults do social skills *sigh*
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Friday was really horrible, running round town trying to do an errand which I thought would be simple but ended up being a long drawn-out, fruitless and very damp quest for an object which essentially isn't for sale (a replacement power adapter for my Eee netbook). So I got home and I was cold and tired and grumpy, and I decided I couldn't face going back out into the rain to go to shul. So I had a really relaxed evening at home, eating pasta with tasty mushroom sauce, and writing some backlogged posts, and drinking tea and getting myself into a more shabbat-like mood.

then came the fun bit )

But yes, that was very well worth the slightly excessive trip to London. And now I know that I can do London over a weekend, if there's a good enough motivation, I hope to get back into seeing some of my circle there more regularly.


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